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CCES Supply List 2013-14

SUPPLY LIST for 2013-2014
Mat for rest time Backpack
Backpack Composition Notebook
Zippered Pencil Pouch Ziplock Bags- Boys Only
1 Box Tissues Paper Towels-Girls Only
2 Containers of sugar-free Kool-Aid 24 Pencils, 1 Pack Highlighters
Boys: 1 Box Gallon Zip Bags,Clorox Wipes Pencil Box, 2 Pkg Cap Erasers
Girls: 1 Container of Baby Wipes,1 Roll Paper Towels Crayons or Colored Pencils
2 Glue Sticks, Markers
FIRST GRADE: *See Note Below 1 Package Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
Backpack 1 Box Multiplication Flash Cards
4 Folders, 2 Dry Erase Markers
Girls: 2 Pkgs Glue Sticks, 1 Box Crayons 1 Canister Clorox Wipes, 2 Boxes Kleenex
1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer FOURTH GRADE:
Backpack or Book Bag
Boys: 1 Box of Kleenex OR 1 Paper Towel 3-Ring Binder- Highly encouraged to help with organization
1 Pkg Glue Sticks, 1 Pkg Markers Two 2-pocket folders to fit in binder
3-ring pencil pouch (to fit in binder)
* Since we will supply all other classroom 2 Pkgs. Mechanical #2/Regular Pencils
supplies, an additional $10 fee will be Erasers
charged on Registration Day. Paper & Pencils for all year
Scissors / Glue Sticks
SECOND GRADE: Composition Notebook
Backpack 24-Count Crayons or Colored Pencils
2 Folders 2 Boxes of Kleenex
2-12 pack plain Dixon or Ticonderoga Pencils 1 Container of Clorox Wipes
Pencil Pouch 2 Rolls of Sealed Paper Towels
1 Box of Cap Erasers Tennis are needed for PE days
Stick Glue (3 sticks) 2 1/2"-3" 3-Ring Binder
1 pack of wide-ruled paper (Girls Only) 3-Ring Pencil Pouch
1 Box Crayons 5 Subject Spiral Notebook
1 Pkg Colored Pencils 8- 2-pocket Folders to fit in binder
1- Spiral 1 subject Notebook 1 Package 3x3 Post-It Notes
3 Boxes Tissues (Boys Only) Scissors
2 Pk. fine tip dry erase markers 1 Composition Notebook
Clorox Wipes Loose Leaf Wide Ruled Paper
1 Pkg Pink Pearl Chunky Erasers 1 ruler (centimeter and inches)
#2 Pencils
* Kindergarten and First Grade Students: Paper (Needs to be provided throughout the year)
Since the school will supply all other Glue Sticks
classroom supplies, an additional $10 fee Colored Pencils or Markers
will be charged on Registration Day. 1 pack Index Cards

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