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CCES 2014-15 School Supply List

CCES 2014-15 School Supply List
             SUPPLY LIST for 2014-2015
  KINDERGARTEN: *See Note Below     THIRD GRADE:       1 Pack Highlighters
    Mat for rest time         Backpack   4 Pkg Cap Erasers
    Backpack           Composition Notebook  Markers
    Zippered Pencil Pouch         Ziplock Bags- Girls Only 2 Boxes Kleenex
    2 Containers of sugar-free Kool-Aid     Paper Towels-Boys Only 4 Folders  
    3 Boxes 24 Count CRAYOLA Crayons     24 Pencils                                
    Boys: 1 Box Tissues         Pencil Box                                
    Girls: 1 Container Baby Wipes       Crayons or Colored Pencils  
                  2 Glue Sticks                                   
  FIRST GRADE: *See Note Below       1 Package Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
    1 Box Crayons           1 Box Multiplication Flash Cards
    2 Packs Glue Sticks         1 Pack LARGE Dry Erase Markers
    1-2 Pocket Folder         1 Canister Clorox Wipes         
    1-1 Subject Notebook       FOURTH GRADE:    
    Several Pencils(not mechanical)       Backpack  or Book Bag  
    Several Cap Erasers         3-Ring Binder- Highly encouraged to help with organization
    1 Box Kleenex           Glue Sticks    
    Girls: 1 Container Lysol Wipes       3-ring pencil pouch (to fit in binder)
    Boys: 1 Box of Gallon Ziplock Bags     2 Pkgs. Mechanical #2/Regular Pencils
  SECOND GRADE:           Paper & Pencils For The Whole Year
    Backpack           Scissors      
    2 Folders           Composition Notebook & 1 pk Note Cards (For Language Arts)
    2 -12 pack plain Dixon or Ticonderoga Pencils     24-Count Crayons or Colored Pencils
    Pencil Pouch           2 Boxes of Kleenex    
    1 Box of  Cap Erasers         2 Container of Clorox Wipes  
    Scissors           1 Roll Paper Towels  
    Stick Glue (3 sticks)         1 Box GALLON Ziplock Bags  
    2 pk Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers (Girls Only)   FIFTH GRADE:   Clorox Wipes
    1 Box Crayons         2 1/2"-3" 3-Ring Binder Dry Erase Markers
    1 Pkg Colored Pencils         3-Ring Pencil Pouch 1 Box Kleenex
    1- 1 subject Spiral Notebook       5 Subject Spiral Notebook Paper Towels
    3 Boxes Tissues (Boys Only)       8- 2-pocket Folders to fit in binder
    Headphones/Earbuds         Scissors      
     Clorox Wipes           1 Composition Notebook  
    1 Pkg Pink Pearl Chunky Erasers       Loose Leaf Wide Ruled Paper
    NO BINDERS PLEASE!         Ruler (centimeter and inches)
  * Kindergarten and First Grade Students:       #2 Pencils    
    Since the school will supply all other      Erasers      
    classroom supplies, an additional $10 fee   Ear Buds for Computer Lab  
    will be charged on Registration Day.     Glue Sticks    
                   Colored Pencils or Markers  
  ** All Grades need tennis shoes to wear on     1 pack Index Cards    
    PE days.                   

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