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Return to School Procedures

Return to School Procedures

In previous school years there have been instances where you could send your child back to school after being sick with a parent note being the only requirement for them to be readmitted. With the current operating procedures that we are faced with we are going to need to follow new guidelines when returning from illness. We have posted the Decision Tree that we are using for guidance on both our website and Facebook page. That document states that if your student has had any symptoms of COVID-19 then we have to have either documentation of a negative test or an alternate diagnosis for them to return to in person classes. In order to make sure this is followed we are going to need for you to present that documentation to the school prior to your student entering the classroom. Use the bullet points below to make sure of proper return. 


· If your student has any COVID-19 symptoms or a fever of 100.4 or higher you will need to provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test (if tested) and an alternate diagnosis (strep throat, ear infection etc…) and the student must have been fever free for 24 hours with no medication. 24 hours fever free with no medication applies to all returns regardless of diagnosis. · COVID-19 symptoms can be located at . If your student has a chronic or reoccurring illness/condition that presents similar symptoms, please contact your doctor for a statement addressing that condition.


· When it is time for your student to return, you or a family member will need to drive them to school or you may put your student on the bus only if you have faxed/emailed the documentation from the doctor with your student’s return date (either the negative COVID-19 test or a doctor excuse with a date of approved return) to the attendance clerk at your school on the day prior to return. You should follow up by phone to make sure the notification was received prior to placing your child on the bus. Please do not put the student on the bus unless you have confirmation that the school has received the needed documentation.


· If you choose to drive your student to school you will need to report to the appropriate office with the correct document (either the negative COVID-19 test or a doctor excuse with a date of approved return).


· Your student will not be allowed to return without these documents or they meet the criteria of fever free for at least 24 hour, symptoms are improving and it has been at least 10 days since the symptoms started.


· Again, this guidance is from the Purchase District Health Department so we feel that it is designed with the health and safety of all students and staff in mind. We appreciate your assistance in meeting the criteria.


Please do not hesitate to call your school or Carlisle County Board of Education with any questions or concerns.

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