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21-22 Carlisle County Virtual Program Participation Interest Survey


21-22 Carlisle County Virtual Program Participation Interest Survey


The following are the requirements set forth by the Kentucky Department of Education regarding the criteria for participation in a virtual school option for the 21-22 school year.  At the bottom please indicate (after carefully reading the criteria) your interest in enrolling your student(s) in the virtual program.


  1. In order to qualify the student(s) must have internet access and a device capable of being used to connect and complete assigned work digitally. At Carlisle County Schools all students in grades 5-12 have access to a school issued device following our guidelines discussed at your school’s registration.  We have some extra devices above those that may be issued in the lower grades, but at this time that amount is limited.  

  2. Attendance has to be recorded during every class period by a teacher for high school and middle school students.  Attendance has to be recorded twice daily in the elementary school (once in the morning and once at least 3 hours later). This means that students have to be logged in and working at the times they would normally be in class to be counted present.  For example, if your student has Algebra at 9:00 AM they are supposed to be logged in and working on Algebra at 9:00AM.  We have consulted KDE for clarity on this and they indicated that this is the intent of the virtual option that they provided for us. 

  3. Truancy laws shall be followed for virtual students.  KRS 159.010 (known as the Compulsory Attendance Law) is the statute that defines truancy.  For clarity, 3 unexcused events result in a First Notice of Truancy, 6 unexcused events result in a Second Notice of Truancy, anything beyond 6 results in a Final Notice of Truancy and lastly charges are to be filed.

  4. Students shall be enrolled in a full time schedule.This means that students must adhere to the seat time requirements of our district calendar. 

  5. Teachers must have frequent regular check-ins with virtual students both verbally and via video conferencing as well as be available for questions or instructional support throughout the day.


Carlisle County Schools are currently working to determine exactly what programming may be used in each building.  At this time we have some options available that may be used independently in some schools or in conjunction with other programming options.  Examples include Edgenuity, Google Classroom, Moby Max as well as some other programming as the teachers explore other platforms. As you can see from the numbered statements above, we have not been given the flexibility by the state to provide a virtual option like we had last year, when work could be done at the convenience of the student and family.  We still believe that in person instruction is the best way for students to learn, but understand the need for flexibility in order to assist with meeting the needs of our community and therefore have applied for the virtual waiver. Please indicate below, after reading the requirements above, if you are interested in enrolling your student or students in the Carlisle County Schools Virtual Academy.  Enrollment in this option will be by quarter.  Once a quarter is completed, students will have the option to remain on virtual programming or return to in person learning.  Please know that due to the differences between this virtual learning option and ones in the past that a Staff member from your child’s school will be in contact to discuss details before a decision is finalized.


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