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Energy Fair

Energy Carnival Held At Carlisle Elementary School
By Jim Crouse, School Energy Management Coordinator
An “Energy Carnival” was held at Carlisle Co. Elementary and Pre-School, Monday, November 14th. The event was conducted to increase student awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection. Both areas are tied to student assessment and provide life-lessons as well.
Ms. Lisa Adams who heads the Family Youth/Resource Service Center for the School District, assisted in planning the event. She also was available throughout the day to help where ever needed. Lisa also serves on the District Energy Management Team.
Ms. Kelley Grogan, Regional Coordinator for the National energy Education Development project, (NEED) presented energy conservation ideas in the form of nine interactive work stations for third through fifth grade students during the morning session. Mr. Steven Queen’s high school Practical Living class provided students to work the stations with the grade school youngsters. Students who assisted were: Starla Hicks, Hope Hayden, Darien Martin, Melanie Thomas, Matthew West, Emily Bayassee, Shelly Dial, Noah Garnett, Tesla Paris and Nick McAllister. They did a great job presenting important information and working with elementary students. .
Ms. Holly Lawrence of the Environmental Protection Agency presented information directed toward pre-school through second grade students in the morning session. The theme was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to help clean up our communities and environment. She also worked with third through fifth grade students in the afternoon. This session involved a board game similar to “Jeopardy”. Students competed with each other through a series of twenty questions relating to environmental awareness.
The event was well-received by students and staff alike. It was informative, educational and entertaining as well. Stemming from the School Energy Managers Project (SEMP) which is partially funded through a grant from the Kentucky School Board Association, similar events are conducted state wide. SEMP was initiated to assist school districts in reducing energy usage, therefore cutting expenditures and to introduce energy conservation awareness to students as well. SEMP has provided many learning opportunities locally and across the state.

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