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CCMS/CCHS Performance Based Enrollment Policy

Performance Based Enrollment Policy


  1. Performance Based Enrollment will be used to fulfill curricular needs of those students requesting to complete coursework away from the school setting.
  2. Performance based coursework will be completed using a district selected technology based curricular platform (Edgenuity for the 21-22 school year) with minimal support from staff with regard to instructional support. The support provided will be administrative in nature. Examples will include entering grades, unlocking assigned work/assessments and other technical support as needed.
  3. Parents/Guardians (or the student if 18 years of age or older) will be required to complete an application to enroll in performance based courses. The application will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Principal, Supervisor of Instruction/DPP, Director of Special Education (if appropriate) and the employee assigned to monitor the technology based curricular platform.
  4. The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility for enrollment in Performance Based Coursework:
    1. We believe the best way for a student to receive instruction is from a live certified teacher.
    2. Performance Based Instruction is only available to students enrolled in grades 6-12 who qualify based on the criteria below.
    3. If a student receives services under IDEA or Section 504, and their application for Performance Based Instruction is approved, the ARC/504 committee will meet to determine whether the IEP or 504 plan needs to be changed to provide appropriate services in the setting chosen by the parent.
    4. Students enrolled in Carlisle County High School that meet the current Site Based Decision Making Council’s policy for participation in performance based instruction will be permitted to utilize this option provided that they meet the criteria set forth by the policy. These students must be within 5 credits of graduation along with the meeting any other criteria within the SBDM Policy.
    5. In order to qualify if the student does not meet the criteria in #4, documentation must be provided from a medical provider that a health risk to a family member in the household would be posed if the student were enrolled in in-person instruction. If the student themselves has a health risk that restricts them from attending in-person instruction, they will need to have their physician complete an application for Home Hospital Instruction. This application can be obtained by contacting the Carlisle County Board of Education.
    6. Past success in virtual/performance based instruction will be a determining factor. If the student has a failed course(s) while participating in virtual/performance based instruction, they will not be permitted to enroll in Performance Based Coursework under any circumstances due to the detriment this poses to their educational success moving forward.

                7. If a student meets the criteria and is enrolled in performance based Coursework, they will not be                                permitted to participate in co-curricular (clubs and organizations) or extracurricular activities (athletics)                      or programs offered through the Carlisle County Schools District. Participation in prom will also not be                        permitted. Students may participate in High School graduation provided that it is permitted (in writing)                        by the physician that documents the need for Performance Based Instruction.

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