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Senior Newsletter

Senior Newsletter

Please make sure to listen to the announcements each day, pay attention to senior google classroom notifications, and to e-mails.  There are NO extensions on applications and scholarships.  You need to get a resume ready NOW if you have not already.  You will need these all throughout the year.  Now is the time to ask for letters of recommendation.  Do not wait until the last minute.                 

Important CCHS dates:

March 22:  WKCTC Early Registration during 6th period

April 15: Club Day

April 16: Prom, 8:00 at Walker Hall

April 21: Honor Grad Luncheon, 12:30 pm

April 26: Senior Meeting, 4th and 5th periods

April 29: Senior Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

May 1st: Baccalaureate at Arlington First Baptist Church, 6:00 pm

May 2-6: Dual Credit Course Finals Week

May 5: Seniors with Mentor Days Finals 2,4,6

May 6: Seniors with Mentor Days Finals 3,5; Senior Walk 7th period-Bring Cap & Gown!

May 9: Senior Finals 1,7 (Take 7th period final during 5th period); Field Day 6th & 7th periods

May 10: Senior Mentor Day 1

May 11: Final Exams 2nd, 4th, & 6th; Senior Mentor Day 2

May 12: Final Exams 3rd & 5th; Senior Mentor Day 3; Senior Awards Night 7:00 pm

May 13: Final Exams 1st & 7th; Mandatory Graduation Practice 9:00 am, Senior Mentor Day 4; Graduation 8:00 pm, Project Graduation 11:00 pm


If you are taking or have taken dual-credit courses at a school other than where you plan to attend, you will need to send a copy of that dual-credit transcript to the college you plan to attend.  For example, if you have taken courses through Murray State but plan to attend WKCTC, you must order a copy of your Murray State transcript and have it sent to WKCTC.  You will need to do this after fall grades are posted and again after spring grades are posted.  There will be a charge for ordering the transcript.  MRS. HALTEMAN CANNOT DO THIS FOR YOU.  You can go ahead and order it now for the fall semester, and choose the option to hold your request until grades are posted.

 To order a transcript from Murray State you can either google Murray State transcript order form or go to the following link:

To order a transcript from WKCTC go to the following link:

 I would recommend having it sent electronically from both institutions to the college you plan to attend.


Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline

Photo Upload/Standby Deadline

June 11, 2022

May 6, 2022

May 20, 2022

June 3, 2022

July 16, 2022

June 17, 2022

June 24, 2022

July 8,2022

*Pay close attention to the registration deadlines.  If there are any benchmarks you haven’t met on your ACT, you need to retake it as soon as possible or you will not be able to take credit-bearing courses in college.  If you have not met benchmarks for honor graduation requirements, you need to test as soon as possible.

The cost for the ACT with no writing is $55.00.   However, if you qualify for free/reduced lunch, you are allowed to take the ACT 4 times at no charge during high school. (This is 4 times total.)  You will need to see Mrs. Halteman to pick up a fee waiver.   Mrs. Halteman does not register you for this….you must register online at

 *The school code is 180145; you will need this when you register.

*Please note that the highest ACT score is used for scholarship purposes up through the scholarship deadline date.

Residual ACT:

The residual ACT is an ACT test given on the college campus of your choice.  The score is good ONLY for that college campus in terms of admissions and scholarships.  Please call the college campus you plan to attend to see if they give the residual ACT.  It typically costs a little more, but scores come back quickly (typically 1-2 days).  The cost at Murray State is $50.00, with a late fee of $5.00 beginning five (5) business days prior to the test.  Space is limited, so register early.  Results are generally available in the Recruitment Office two days after the test.  Photo ID is required to pick up results, and results will not be given out over the phone.  You may request to have scores mailed.   For more information, or to register online, go to and scroll down the page until you get to ACT-R—Residual Version of the ACT, and then click on ACT-R Registration Form. 

Mentor Days:

You will find out how many mentor days you earn after EOP test results are in.  You must pass the EOP to be career ready.

To be academic ready, you must meet at least one of the conditions in each column of the table below





18 in English. OR 20 in Reading

19 in Math

Dual Credit

C+ in Dual Credit English or COM 161

C+ in College Algebra


6 in English. 20 in Reading

14 in College Algebra or 22 in College Readiness


 Academic Ready                       =        1 mentoring day

Career Ready                                            =        1 mentoring day

Academic & Career Ready                       =        3 mentoring days

Work Ethics Seal                  =        1 mentoring day

KYOTE Testing:

To be an honor graduate you must either take college algebra, or meet an ACT or KYOTE math benchmark.  If you are not in college algebra but want to be an honor graduate, you need to meet one of the following benchmarks: ACT Math 19, a KYOTE college algebra 7, or a KYOTE math College Readiness 22.  

If you have not met the math benchmark, you can request an appointment to take the KYOTE placement test at WKCTC using the following link:

The Murray State Testing Center offers KYOTE testing.  For more information go to

Work Ready Seal:

The work ready seal is an award that includes a seal on your diploma, and a medal to be given at senior awards night.  You will wear this medal with your cap and gown on graduation night.

To receive the work ready seal, you need to meet the following criteria:

 Requirements for Work Ethics Seal:

1.    Attendance Percentage: No more than three days unexcused during the school year.

2.    Tardy and early dismissals: No more than two unexcused tardies.

3.    Overall grade point average (cumulative GPA): Minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

4.    Discipline: 

No more than one level 1 discipline referral and no level 2, 3, or 4 referrals.

5.    Community Service/School Involvement/Employment

Involvement in at least two different categories:

    Organized team activity (Academic Team Counts)

    Extracurricular Programs (clubs)

    Part time employment (10 hours a week four consecutive months during the

school year or a minimum of 20 hours a week during the summer months

    Verifiable Community Service Project (Documentation Required)

Graduation Dress Code 

Boys: dress, pants, dress shirt, tie and black dress shoes or boots

Girls: dress or skirt & blouse, black dress shoes/sandals, minimal jewelry

**Contact Mrs. Halteman or the STARS center if you need help getting proper clothing.

Scholarship Deadlines:

Variety of dates:  Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

Eligibility: There is a wide variety of scholarships available on this page.  Please review it and see what you which scholarships you are eligible for.  Make sure to let Mrs. Halteman know if you apply.


March 27: Ingevity Leadership Scholarship

Applicants must be:

● A current high school senior;

● The child or legal dependent of an Ingevity employee, OR attending Ballard Memorial High School,McCracken County High School, Paducah Tilghman High School, Marshall County High School,

Hickman County High School, Graves County High School, Massac County High School, Carlisle

County High School, Fulton County High School, Fulton City High School, Mayfield High School, St.Mary High School, Christian Fellowship School, and Community Christian Academy.

● Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of application.

● A leader in and out of the classroom;

● Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution;

● Carrying a minimum 3.0 GPA at the end of their junior year of high school;

● Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular

or other activities.

Application can be found at

March 31: Steve “Moose” Cranor Booster Club Scholarship-$500

Application can be found at

April 1:  River Valley Ag Credit- $1,500

To be eligible for either scholarship, the applicant must be an immediate family member (son or daughter) of a current member of River Valley AgCredit. Applicants cannot be an immediate family member of an employee or director.  Each award will be a one-time scholarship. The scholarship is to be used to pay education-related expenses and will be issued in the form of a check payable to the individual. Students may apply every year they are eligible.  The scholarship application is available at



The applicant must be: 

Enrolled as a high school senior in Western Kentucky. 

Must commit to enroll in a four year college or university or an accredited program as a full-time student. 


Application can be found HERE

Flyer can be found HERE

April 1:  Kentucky Federation of Republican Women-$1,500

Eligibility:  Must be a college-bound high school senior girl who has been politically active within the Republican Party.  The qualified applicant will graduate from a Kentucky high school in 2022, is or will be a registered Republican, and plans to enroll at an accredited college or university in Kentucky.  No available link.  Scholarship applications can be found at

April 1: LOCKHEED MARTIN STEM SCHOLARSHIP-$10, 000 renewable

Applicants to the Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. Citizens.

  • Current high school seniors with a cumulative 2.5 or above GPA, or current college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors with a cumulative 2.5 or above GPA.

  • Planning to enroll or already enrolled full-time at an accredited four-year college or university in the U.S.

  • Majoring or planning to major in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics.

  • Demonstrate financial need.

  • Be willing to consider a paid internship with Lockheed Martin following their freshman, sophomore or junior year of college, other circumstances notwithstanding (note: the internship is not required to receive a scholarship, and scholarship recipients are not guaranteed an internship). Students should apply online at


April 8:  Propeller Club of the United States Port of Paducah Scholarship-$1,500 

Eligibility:  Applications must have an affiliation with the Propeller Club of the United States-Port of Paducah, which can be achieved by being a club member or being a family member of an employee that is currently employed by a company that has members in the Club.  There are a wide variety of companies that meet the requirements.  A list of companies and the scholarship application can be found at  


April 15:  Taylor Case Smith Memorial Scholarship

Completed applications are turned in to Mrs. Halteman. Application can be found at


April 15: Young Memorial Scholarship-$500

Completed applications are due to Mrs. Halteman.  Application can be found at


April 15:  First District Kentucky Education Association Retired Teacher Arletta Kennedy Scholarship- $500

This is a scholarship for students majoring in education.  The application is available at


April 15:  Head Start Alumni Scholarship- $1,500

Eligibility:  Applicant must have graduated from Carlisle County Head Start/Preschool, must prove acceptance or enrollment in an institution of higher learning, must complete application and turn in all requested documents.  All head start/ preschool alumni have been given an application.  These should be turned in to the preschool office by the due date.  Mrs. Halteman has already emailed you if you are eligible.  The application can be found at


April 15:  We the Students Essay Contest-National Competition

National Grand Prize=$7,500

Runners up=5, $1,500

Honorable Mention=10, $500


April 18:  Tommy Case Memorial Scholarship-$1,000

Completed applications are due to Mrs. Halteman.  Applications can be found at


April 18:  Marvin Martin Memorial Scholarship-$500

Completed applications are due to Mrs. Halteman.  Applications can be found at


April 22:  Citizens Deposit Bank-$750

This scholarship application requires both a resume and an essay.  The application can be found at


April 22:  Stermon Family Memorial Scholarship

Completed applications are due to Mrs. Halteman.  Applications can be found at


April 29:  Angel Thompson Memorial Scholarship-$500

This scholarship is a Carlisle County High School scholarship awarded in honor of Angel Thompson.  The application can be found at


April 30:  Anonymous Hope Kentucky 

Eligibility:  Must have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and must have a total household income less than $50,000.  For more eligibility requirements and further information, please visit


May 21:  B. Davis Scholarship-$1,000

Please visit to read about and apply for the scholarship.


May 31:  PB&J Scholarship- $500-$1000

This scholarship is for students whose test scores or GPA might not be the best, but have the drive to succeed.  They are looking for students who have experienced challenges in their life.  You must have an account on the Scholar’s App to apply.  Application can be found at


June 12:  Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program-$1,000

Eligibility:  Students will submit and essay on the following topic: “Describe your educational, career, and life goals.  Explain your plan for achieving these goals.  Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how your degree/major will help you achieve your goals.”  More details are available on the webpage.


June 19:  BigSunScholarship-$500

Eligibility:  Must be a student-athlete to apply.

October 8, 2022:  AES Engineering Scholarship-$500

This award is available to all students, regardless of their field of study on the basis of character, as determined by evaluating the essays that are submitted.  To be eligible the student needs to answer one of the essay questions that they will find at

 **Please note that local scholarships will not be available until March/April.  Also, many places of employment (both yours and your parent’s/guardian’s) as well as churches give scholarships, so make sure to ask!

To research scholarships at the schools you are interested in; simply go to the school website and type “scholarship” in the search box.

Go ahead and apply NOW at all colleges except WKCTC.   We have to wait until spring to apply at WKCTC because of dual credit courses.  If students apply now, it can mess those things up.

College Fairs:

 Racer Days:

Tuesday March 29th 

To register, visit

You can always schedule an individual appointment to go tour college campuses, and fall break is a great time to do that.  I recommend visiting college campuses you are thinking about attending and trying to meet with a faculty member from the department you are interested in.  College days must be approved by Mrs. Halteman AT LEAST 5 school days in advance.  You are allowed one college day per semester.

Extra Murray State University Information:

Housing:  Housing application typically opens Oct. 1.  You will apply for housing through your MyGate account, so you must have your username and password.  A $150 deposit is usually required, but is currently being waived.  Make sure you take advantage of that while it lasts!

In order to be considered for a Housing Exemption, a student must do one the following:


·         Complete the Housing Exemption Application.

·         Complete the Commuter Notary Form

·         The Housing Office will verify the High School you graduated from and the parent’s/guardian's address.

The student will receive notification of the decision to their Murray State email.

Racer Nation Orientation (Summer O):  Registration will open mid-February, but remember there will be an admitted student conference that you will be notified about by e-mail. Put this in your planner!  Cost is $130.00.  You will register through MyGate if you don’t attend the admitted student conference.

Honor’s Session 1:  April 15*                Session 2:  April 16                Session 3:  June 2

Session 4:  June 4                            Session 5:  June 15                 Session 6:  June 17

Session 7:  July 7                                     Session 8:  August 4

 *you must apply and be admitted into the Honors College to attend this session

 MSU students must attend Summer O to register for classes.  Try to go to the earliest one possible because classes fill up very quickly!!!!  This is for both students and parents/guardians and is required.

For more information go to

Honors Program:  The MSU Honors Program is designed to enrich the educational experiences of highly motivated students by increasing the opportunity for interacting with outstanding faculty, both in small class setting such as Honors seminars, and in ongoing research experiences.  Students must possess an ACT score of 28 or above, at least a 3.5 GPA, and complete a separate application for admission to the program.  For more information, visit or call 270-809-3166.

 Saturday Visits (Murray State University):

Saturday appointments begin at 9:00am, 11:00 am, or 1:00pm and consist of an info session with an admission counselor who will be able to discuss with you admission criteria, financial aid information, scholarship opportunities as well as information about housing, dining services and student life. You will also go on a student guided walking tour of campus. Together this takes approximately two hours.  

2022 Dates: April 2, April 9, April 30, and May 7

For more information, visit

 Murray State Promise Tuition Program:  Students must be eligible for and receive the Federal Pell Grant (through FAFSA) and must also be eligible for KEES money.  Students must also complete the Murray State General Scholarship Fund.  If you meet the criteria, Murray state will help pay for 12-15 hours of tuition and mandatory fees.  For more information, visit

Financial Aid & Financial Aid Workshops

All students must fill out the FAFSA form even if you think your family will not qualify.  Some schools…Murray for example, will not give you scholarship money unless this form is filled out.  Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only way to receive grants and loans.  You can also go to for more information on various types of financial aid.  You will be applying for financial aid at as soon after October 1 as possible.  Money runs out quickly. 

In order to fill out the FAFSA, you must have a FSA ID.  You can get this number at   Both one parent or guardian and the student must have this number.  Please go ahead and apply for this number now so that you are ready to fill out the FAFSA.  KEEP THIS NUMBER IN A SAFE LOCATION BECAUSE YOU WILL USE IT YEAR AFTER YEAR FOR THE FAFSA.  You will use 2020 tax information to complete the FAFSA.


*Lots of scholarship money goes unclaimed each year.  Here are some websites to find other scholarships that often go unclaimed.   NEVER PAY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH!,,

Transcript Requests

You will need to request transcripts at various times throughout the year.  You need to request transcripts at least one week in advance.  Please email Mrs. Halteman with transcript requests.

Letters of Recommendation

Now is the time to ask teachers for letters of recommendation if you have not already.  You must request letters of recommendation at least 2 weeks in advance.  You will need to supply a resume or list of activities for the letter to be written.  This goes for anyone you ask, not just Mrs. Halteman or Mrs. Edging.  Make some copies of the letter they give you, or ask whoever writes the letter for you to print a few copies and save them.

NCAA Clearinghouse

If you plan to play Division 1 or Division 2 sports, see Mrs. Halteman you will need to register on the NCAA Clearinghouse website.

Local Scholarships

This is a reminder that information on local scholarships will be available to students either on Mrs. Halteman’s website or in the crate in the library. It is VERY important that you participate in community service.  There are scholarships that are based mostly on community service activities.


College Days

Each senior gets 1 college day per semester.  You must approve these with Mrs. Halteman at least 5 days in advance.  You will also need to get a college visit form from Mrs. Tanya to get signed at the time of your visit. 

To schedule a WKCTC visit, email them at or call 270-534-3435.

To schedule a MSU visit, use the following link:  Visit Campus (

Checking KEES Money

You can keep up with how much KEES money you have at    Most of you have registered before, so if you do not remember your password, you will have to call KHEAA to reset it.  You will not have to do anything at the end of the year to receive your KEES money.  Your school will request it from the state, and it will be sent.

 Pre-Admit Conferences

If you are attending WKCTC and going into an Allied Health field (nursing, dental hygiene, radiology, etc.), you MUST attend a pre-admit conference.  Dates can be found online.

Selective Service

All 18-year-old males must register with the selective service.  This can be done at



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