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1st, 5th, 6th & 7th - Arts and Humanities  

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Humanities Through the Arts is a survey or study of the beliefs, traditions, and customs of humankind as reflected in the arts--visual arts, music, dance, and theatre/drama.  This class explores the cultural and historical significance of the arts, fosters an examination into the nature of creativity, and examines universal questions evidence in the arts.  This is a required course for graduation.
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    Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - Friday, August 9, 2013

    "The Seven Things Students Want to Know on the First Day of School"

    "Getting To Know You" Activity

    Classroom Expectations and Procedures

    Wisdom on How to Succeed in Life

    Forming Healthy Relationships

    Why Study Arts and Humanities? Brainstorming and discussion.

    List of Arts and Humanities Units of Study:

    Arts Through the Ages (A & H Unit One)

    Music Elements (A & H Unit Two)

    Music History (A & H Unit Three)

    Rhythm (A & H Unit Four)

    Dance Elements (A & H Unit Five)

    Dance Purposes and Styles (A & H Unit Six)

    Movement (A & H Unit Seven)

    Drama Elements (A & H Unit Eight)

    Stagecraft (A & H Unit Nine)

    Drama-Jobs and Collaboration (A & H Unit Ten)

    Visual Art Overview (A & H Unit Eleven)

    Visual Art Eras and Artists (A & H Unit Twelve)

    Color (A & H Unit Thirteen)

    Opera and Symphonic  Forms (A & H Unit Fourteen)


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